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Literary Products

April 3, 2017

Literary Products
 by Dr. Rudolf V. D’ Souza OCD


1) Pitisponacha Sonsaranthlo Uzvad (Light in the World of Superstition) [in Konkani Language], First Edition 1986

2) Theklentlo Devnsar (The Devil in the Mind) [in Konkani Language], Mitr Prakashan Mangalore,1989; Second Edition published by Divo Illustrate Konkani Weekly 99, Perin Nariman Street, 1st Floor, Fort, Mumbai - 400 001 India 2002.

3) God-Realization in the Gitabhasya of Ramanuja from the Perspective of Christian Spiritual Theology, 1992

4) The Bhagavadgita and St. John of the Cross, Gujarath Sahitya Prakash, Anand, Gujarath, India,1996, Second Edition 1997

5) Where Lovers Meet (Co-authored), Dhyanavana Publications, Bangalore, 1998

6) Meeting in God-Experience, Dhyanavana Publications, Bangalore, 1999, 2010

7) Discernment in Prayer (Co-authored), Dhyanavana Publications, Bangalore, 2000; reprinted 2004

8) When I Cannot Pray, Dhyanavana Publications, Bangalore, First Edition 2001, Second 2001, Third Revised Edition 2003 and 2004, 2009

9) Awareness and Union with God, Dhyanavana Publications, Bangalore, 2002; 2003, 2009

10) A Mind Less Travelled, Dhyanavana Publications, Bangalore, 2003; 2005, 2009

11) Come to a Lonely Place, Dhyanavana Publications, Bangalore, Recollections Series no. 1., 2003; 2011

12) Only One Thing is Needed, Recollections Series no. 2, Dhyanavana Publications, Bangalore, 2004, 2009

13) Cast Your Net Into the Deep, Recollections Series no. 3, Dhyanavana Publications, Bangalore 2005, 2009

14) Meeting God Through Daily Prayers, Dhyanavana Publications, Bangalore, 2005, Reprinted 2006, 2007

15) Towards Prayer and Contemplation, St. Joseph Church, Mira Road, India, 2006

16) The Way of the Cross, St. Joseph Church, St. Joseph Church, Mira Road, India, 2007

17) Dynamism of Spiritual Growth, St. Joseph Church, Mira Road, India, 2007

18) I Have Come to Give Life, Life in Abundance, Audio CD, 13 Talks on Spirituality and Prayer in Konkani Language (Oman, Muscat), 2008

19) Prayer Empowering Pills, Dhyanavana Publications, Bangalore, 2008

20) The Perfect 10, 2009 (A book on the activities of St. Joseph Church, Mira Road).

21) Repent and Believe in the Gospel, Part I, II, III DVD & CD set of retreat preached in Abudhabi and Sharjah (U.A.E), 2009

22) When God Longs For You, Praying is Friendship With God, Dhyanavana Publications, Bangalore, 2010.

23) God, Love, Suffering and Resurrection, DVD and MP3, Recorded live at Guardian Angels Parish, Vancouver, Canada, 2010 (March).

24) Wake Up, Dhyanavana Publications, Bangalore 2011

25) The Mustard Seed, Homilies, Year: B, Volume no. I; Dhyanavana Publications, Bangalore 2011.

26) A Sower Went Out Sow, Homilies, Year: C, Volume no. II; Dhyanavana Publications, Bangalore 2012

27) And It Yielded a Hundredfold, Homilies, Year: A, Volume no. III, Dhyanavana Publications, Bangalore, 2013.

28) Come Let Us Adore Him, Dhyanavana Publications, Bangalore, 2014.

29) YouTube Homilies, Guardian Angels Church, Vancouver, from March 2014 till date uploaded every Sunday

30) Seek and You will Find, Dhyanavana Publications, Bangalore 2015.

31) The Way Less Travelled, Dhyanavana Publications, Bangalore 2015.

32) Little Flower Monastery, Carmel Hill, Canada, Vancouver 2015.

33) Living Flame podcasts, website and facebook group, Canada, Vancouver 2017