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Thursday - 22nd Sunday - Year A - Luke 5:1-11

September 6, 2017


Thursday - 22nd Sunday - Year A - Luke 5:1-11

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ MVMT Academy or Movement Academy is a gym that claims to offer fitness classes and personal training. On May 24 I called the gym and the owner (Liam Fisher) answered. Please note, that I noticed on his website, and you will also if you take 20 seconds, that all his staff are white anglo saxons; Or to put it another way, there are no blacks, asian, indian, hispanic, or middle-eastern. Of course I did not mention that because that would lead to a conflict. I asked him about 2 inquiries, The first was if I can be a customer of his fitness classes and the second inquiry was if I could use his gym to train my senior citizen friends. On the phone, the owner (Liam Fisher) said, absolutely and made an appointment with me. Then I rode my bike in heavy traffic and canceled an evening lecture for the appointment. When I arrived. Again. All the staff and CUSTOMERS, where all white, there are no blacks, asian, indian, hispanic, or middle-eastern. When I arrived, the owner (Liam Fisher), when we met, would not even shake my hand. He treated me adversely and told me that he is very booked up and it would be very hard for me (middle-eastern) to be a customer. Again. Of course I did not ask him, was it because I am middle-eastern, because that would lead to a conflict and everyone would blame me. I then simply said, what if I come to on your non-busy days? At that moment there were customers around so the owner, said reluctantly yes, that I could come to on his non-busy days. Then, he told me that he had to go and asked me to leave. However. About 1/2 hour after, the owner, called my cell phone. The first time I did not answer, and,the owner, was too afraid to leave a voicemail. So I decided to call him back. When I called him he was very hostile & said that I can't attend any of his fitness classes. When I asked why he did not give a reason. But when I told him that I will file a complaint and go public he called the police but they knew the truth and advised me to file a complaint. The community and the Better Business Bureau have zero tolerance to this kind of unprofessional and malicious conduct. It is mine and your responsibility to share my distressing experience so other consumers and citizens do not suffer like this. There are several gyms that treat customers much better and it is our obligation to encourage citizens to give their business to those businesses who treat middle-eastern customers with professionalism and respect. ….. Hello friends. I am new to North Van and i have a question. Please look at the picture. It is a picture of a personal trainer who is shirtless and is posing for a picture on a public walkway. If a mother and her child sees this it is at the least alarming and of course she has to go around him and hope that he does not bump into her or her child. Is there anything I can do? Are these kind of personal trainers allowed to do this? Can anyone do anything? What is your thoughts/advice? …. Very sad to see the corruption at the Vancouver Diocese. On Saturday June 18th is the annual Birthright Walk and fundraiser, it is only once a year, and they really need our support. However, the leader of Catholic After hours was assigned by Pavel Reid to be the PRO LIFE LEADER for the Vancouver Diocese. Pavel Reid did not care about her views on abortion or her hostile views about men. Please check for yourself, and see if Catholic After hours posted the Birthright Event. You will discover that it is not listed. How come? Is it because the leader of Catholic After hours is not pro life? But an infiltrator do neutralize the pro life movement? In the past she threatened a pro life man and Pavel Reid had no problem with that, which makes him more crooked and corrupt. Anyone who cares about babies must speak out and demand that Pavel Reid be fired. Either you are on the side of innocent babies or the side of Pavel Reid. Oh. We forgot, will Pavel Reid or the Pro Life leader he assigned, because of Cronyism be at the event on Saturday? Please don’t hold your breath. Bishop Miller does nothing about it and is willfully blind and makes excuses himself. Bishop Miller hasn’t attended a pro life chain in years. Shame and disgrace is ahead of them. Here is the poster